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Kuri kanoko (fawn chestnut) is a famous sweet made by Obusedo using only locally sourced chestnuts. You can also enjoy seasonal dishes made from fawn chestnuts source in Nagano. There is a wide variety of products, ranging from delicious Japanese confectionery to western confectionery, which makes it hard to decide which to choose. Furthermore, the Obusedo is famous for its limited edition of sweets that are only available from mid-September to mid-October. During this season, the Kyukyoku-no-Kuri offering is considered to be the ultimate chestnut dish. Kyukyoku-no-Kuri is made without adding any sugar, which allows you to enjoy the aroma and sweetness of the chestnut itself. Production is limited to 400 chestnut dishes a day, making this sweet very popular. Recently, there are even tours arranged for the sole purpose of eating their specialty called Montblanc Suzaku.

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